Schools Provision

The AFC Fylde Community Foundation, values all working relationships with our partner schools. We are committed to offer local schools, bespoke learning and development opportunities to children, their parents and the community alike.

Our Delivery

We are committed to innovation and, throughout each academic year, will provide the wider community with exclusive opportunities to participate in innovative engagement opportunities. We aim to stimulate, motivate and educate around the positive impact of engagement in physical activity, both on the individual and the school community as a whole. 

We believe it is imperative to share our delivery ethos with all partners, in order to benchmark our standards throughout the academic year.


Our commitments to partner schools include consistency in both staffing and delivery approach. 

Whilst working with each partner to develop a bespoke programme of delivery we strive to maintain a constant self-evaluation and quality assurance process, ensuring high standards are met at all times. 

Positive communication and transparency allows us to develop the best programmes possible as no two schools are completely alike, what may work for one school will need to be changed, tweaked and altered to work best for another. 

What We Do

The Foundation is committed to providing a holistic approach, with a hassle free, professional approach to both curricular and extra-curricular provision, which includes before-and-after school provision.

Sports Clubs including:








Speed stacking 

Table tennis 






Tag rugby 

Working across KS1 the foundation has now developed its own balance bike programme a first of its kind locally. 

Offered to EYFS and KS1 pupils, the Foundation deliver a 6-week, innovative balance bike training programme covering the following topics; 

  • Introduction to balance bikes. 
  • Understanding of footwork patterns. 
  • Improve spatial awareness. 
  • Improvement of gross motor control. 
  • Learning through play. 
  • Problem solving through sport. 

The Foundation has worked hard to develop a comprehensive team of physical educators, to deliver bespoke CPD and PE delivery programmes.


Within this exclusive offer, we are able to provide partner schools with the following exclusive delivery opportunities; 

A. KS1 and KS2 teacher development and support programmes. 

Through the Lancashire Scheme of Work, qualified PE educators, NGB Coaches and PGCE qualified staff will work with school settings to ensure best practice around PE delivery within school settings. Whole curriculum coverage is available.

Working with TA/Teachers in order to develop and up-skill the whole school communities PE engagement. This is made possible through the development of twilight accredited learning outcomes, which also sustain legacies within each school community, developing quality PE provision.

Health – 

The Foundation is committed to providing partner schools with exclusive opportunities to engage with a range of health improvement programmes. 

Working with partners, we offer the opportunity to deliver a bespoke 6-week Mental Health and Resilience building programme. 

Targeted at year 5, the programme covers the following core topics over a 12-hour period. 

  • What is mental health? 
  • How can we remain mentally fit and well? 
  • How do we cope with stress? 
  • How can we develop coping mechanisms? 
  • How can we develop peer support mechanisms in the community? 
  • How does physical activity support the long-term well-being of mental health? 

The make-up of this programme is to link mental well-being and physical activity in order to create legacies within each young persons day-to-day life and the school community.

KIRKHAM ACTIVITY CAMP🕷🕸 Very soon our exciting half-term activity camp opens, starting from Monday 25th - Friday 29th October! The camp is open to all girls and boys aged 6-12 years and booking is required to participate. Book your place here➡
Thanks for hosting, great to see so many familiar faces and even meet some new ones! 🤝
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BBO EXPLAINED 💭 Want to meet our Extended Services team and find out how we can support you back into employment or education? Come and meet the team at tomorrow's @AFCFylde home fixture, we will be outside saying hello and seeing how we can support you! 🤝
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Kirkham Companions | Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Visit!☕ Our Kirkham Companions group at the community centre welcomed Laura Dewhurst and Robyn Morris, local Community Fire Safety Advisors from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service! See you next week, companions!👋
🗣🗣🗣 "I feel more motivated after every meeting!"